About BizVid Marketing:

With a passion for fast cars, the owner of Biz Vid Marketing Antonio Madafferi wanted a faster way to share his racing videos. Antonio was growing tired of YouTube and all those ads. Antonio also noticed the videos on his rock and roll band website always played a damn ad before getting to the rock and roll. Antonio had had enough! He set out to Anaheim, CA and stayed at Disneyland Resort for 5 days trying to figure out why there was not a better solution. Even though Antonio very much enjoyed the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland, he could not stop thinking about building a better solution than Youtube.

So after enjoying Disneyland, Antonio set out for Word Camp Orange County (Irvine) in 2018. While learning code, Antonio met with some top web developers from India and came up with his game plan. BizVid Marketing was created shortly thereafter, as Antonio “Tony” was blown away with what these guys from India came up with. There was a lot of “Bells and Whistles” thrown into the deal and after Tony had learned that the technology being used in BizVid Marketing’s Social Share Plus product was created by some of the top web developers in the world! Tony was excited to say the least! BizVid Marketing is proud to say that the same technology used in our Social Share Plus Video Player is also used by ATT, Ford Motor and other top rated companies. With the personalization capability and the easy to use one click sharing, this thing is easy 2040 AI technology available to you today for only $97!

So fast forward to 2020 and everything changed. Now more than ever, video marketing is vital to a business not only surviving, but standing out in a crowd. Everything on the web is visual these days, and it is just getting started. Videos make it easier for your business or blog to “Tell the story.”

Because of YouTube, business videos have exploded and are all over the web. The main reason is YouTube is basically free. The only problem however, is YouTube likes to show all those annoying ads. Enter BizVid Marketing! Remember Antonio? You guessed it: Social Share Plus was created by Antonio’s company: BizVid Marketing in early 2020 as an alternative (and upgrade) to using YouTube, with no ads, much better sound quality, faster loading times, and fancy call to action buttons that greatly improve your sales!

The Social Sharing feature lets you easily share your videos on many different social media sites with just one click! This thing is a Ferrari!

So the rest is history as Antonio rocks on and with his featured product: Social Share Plus! A video dream embedded “in the cloud”!

Feel free to test drive the Social Share Plus Video Player, just play the video below. After video ends, simply click on the Share button to see how easy it is to get the embed code, url link, and world wide social media sharing. 

Featured Product: Social Share Plus Embed Video Player