Need a Quality Business Video? We Offer Professional and Affordable Voice Over/Video Production Services starting at only $297

BizVid Marketing is focused on helping you create quality videos! Our creative staff is ready to help you create affordable and amazing Business Videos, Training Videos, Educational Videos and more! We can also improve your existing videos- We can redo your videos sound with new music, new voice and even update your script! We offer speedy service with basic Voice-Overs usually delivered in under 24 hours!


100% satisfaction guaranteed!


Custom Video Production

We offer custom made 30 second videos for only $297. Any type of video, in multiple languages, in any niche!

Get Increase Retention Rate

Using our integrated video player and professional voice-overs will bring you a higher retention rate and will turn viewers in to customers!

Fast Delivery

If you need a top quality Business Video fast… We can produce it for you in under 48 hours! Only $297 for 30 seconds. 

Improved CTR

Our quality dedicated video player, (No more YouTube Ads) professional videos and voice overs will increase your call to action and click through rate! 

Guaranteed Quality

Our professional team of video producers use state of the art AI voice recorders and will deliver you top quality sounding audios!

Multiple Languages

Do you need the same script spoken in multiple languages? We can do that for you! Increases your video views by 500%!


We Can Help You With Various Video Production Types!

Sales Videos

A good sales video in order to convert needs a trust-worthy voice. We offer a variety of SERIOUS voices that will capture your attention and win your audience’s confidence!

Training Videos

Various tests proved that people like FEMALE voices for training videos. We have a variety of FEMALE voices for your training or demo videos.

Educational Videos

Need an educational video? No problem! We are here to make the best video and audio (in any language) for your educational videos. Simply send us your video or script and we do the rest!

…and more

Exclusive Recordings!

Your channel and your brand, must be unique to have great success in the ever growing Video industry. Let us customize your videos with quality background music, along with professional narration in any language!

We will tailor the Voice Over for your videos and provide you with your own video player (your channel), so when people watch your video, they will recognize you instantly!

Creating the all your videos in the same style and voice will bring you more subscribers and will dramatically increase your viewer watch time!

Video Voice Overs


Increased Views


Increased Revenue

You Will Get More Customers!

You won’t believe the amazing results you will get after changing the video player on your website and social media. No more YouTube Ads! This much more professional look for your website, greatly affects the end user.

Let BizVid Marketing hook you up with a free embedded video player* Free when we create your next video or voice over!

We’ve been working with Creators for years now, and we did thousands of tests! See improved results right away!

We perfected the way we create our videos and voice overs so you get the maximum number of views and traffic to your videos! Contact us today. Its time to crank it up!

Let’s Work Together!

Don’t wait! Contact Biz Vid Marketing right now for a free consultation. We look forward to helping your business!

You will be blown away on how fast we will deliver the Video Player or Voice over to you! You will also love how the advanced, much clearer sounding audio will improve your overall Channel quality. Get more exposure and views!

We look forward to working with you, Contact us today!

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Answers to Your Questions

How fast can I get my voice over?

We usually deliver the voice-over in under 24 hours after the order is placed and confirmed!

Do I get revisions for the recordings?

YES! If you don’t like the voice, or simply want to change a a bit of text, no problem. Simply tell us what you want changed and we will do it asap!

Any money back guarantee?

If you are not satified with our work, and we can’t deliver you the voice over that you wanted, then we will offer you your money back!

Will my voice over by unique?

YES! We will custom tailor the voice-over to be 100% unique and in style with your YouTube channel and videos.

Can I order more than 1 voice over at once?

Of course, contact us, send us all the scripts that you want transformed to voice, and we will do a voice over for all of them, plus offer you a volume discount!

Want a complete video rebranding? NO PROBLEM. We can take all your YouTube videos and re-record your voice overs with custom music, or even change the language for you.

I never thought a voice over can have such a huge impact on my channel. After working with BizVid Marketing, they changed  the voice overs for most of my videos, and now I’ve seen a huge spike in traffic and subscribers. THANK YOU BIZVID MARKETING! Marcus Kapos

YouTube creator, Funny Storm LLC

Let's Work Together!

What are you waiting for? You already seen that we offer top quality Voice-Overs. Contact us right now and let’s work together!


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