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Our goal is to make it easy for you to post your videos all over the internet and increase your views!

We provide you with FREE Video Hosting! Just pay $97 One time set up fee.

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FREE Video Hosting!

Embed your sales videos with our integrated video player and get improved CTR. We offer free hosting for your video, just pay a one time set-up fee of $97. Capture your viewers attention and win your audience’s confidence with no more YouTube Ads!

No More YouTube Ads!

Tired of YouTube Ads playing before and after your video. We offer a simple solution with no hosting charges! We will provide you with an embed code that puts you and your business in charge with a more professional look on your website or blog.

The Biz Vid Solution. 

Simply send us your video link, or YouTube URL and we do the rest! Our Video player works great on all platforms! Easily display your videos anywhere. No coding experience required! Ask us for a free Demo! We look forward to working with you.

We Can Embed Any Video!      No More YouTube Ads!  Includes FREE Video Player.    No Hosting Costs!


Custom Design!

We offer customized Video Players that adapt to any device or format-for any type of video, in multiple languages, in any niche!

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The Video Player will bring you a higher retention rate and will turn viewers in to customers!

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If you need a quality Video Player for your website, we can deliver …Fast! We can custom build it for you in under 48 hours!

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Customized Buttons installed on your Video Player will increase your call to action and click through rate!

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BizVid Marketing’s professional team offers top quality service and products! All work is Satisfaction Guaranteed!

No More YouTube Ads!

Say Goodbye to those annoying YouTube Ads! Improves your image with a custom look and feel!

Thanks for checking out our State of the Art Embedded Video Player! Now you can showcase your videos without those annoying Youtube ads! For a one time setup fee of only $97, you can install this state of the art video player on your website or blog! This is the latest HTML-5 Version and is impressive technology with speeds faster than Youtube! There is no video hosting fees! Ever! You can also use the special embed code we provide to post your videos all over the internet! Your websites, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and many more!

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